Mr.Big Gets Lucky


Mr. Big Gets Lucky!

As you recall, the Mr. Big Talks books were designed as a fundraising tool to use with a GoFundMe to raise necessary funds to write Frank Goes To Vegas. Well, like I said before, that ended poorly, with 0 backing from from fans. Unfortunately that’s not happening and yes, I am a bit sad but it’s better to cut my losses than to move ahead, hoping that it in gets legs.

With that in mind, I put out the line of Mr. Big Talks with the following titles:

Mr. Big Talks: Craps

Mr. Big Talks: Blackjack

Mr. Big Talks: Slots with co-writer Joshua O’Connell (of

All available now through the links above.

In addition, a future entry to the series, Mr. Big Talks: Texas Hold ‘Em Poker is in the works.

All are your basic guides on how to play with ideas  and suggestions for better outcomes. If nothing more than to score a few free drinks and play a bit longer knowing in the long run the house will win.

I really loved writing Slots as I truly enjoy this game and I feel it’s the best Vegas Table game ever. In addition to helping with Slots, writing this brought back fond memories of my Father and Stepfather. Before this I had no idea at all how much more to the game there was than feeding in a bill or two and hitting play.

I am very happy with sales of both Slots and Craps being best sellers on Kindle in their category. It’s a great compliment and I am thankful to everyone who has bought a copy or who will buy one in the days to come.

Mr. Big Talks: Texas Hold ‘Em Poker is in editing limbo and I hope that ends soon so we can bring this exciting addition to join the other Mr. Big Talks books. Looking to the future, Mr. Big Talks: Vegas will have to wait until that great city reopens and we know what changes to expect.

All in all, the sales have been good and with so much in the air it’s been amazing to have some money coming in. Even those few dollars adds up and I am grateful for all the support I have found.

Wait !


Lets not forget :


The Life and Times of Frank Balistrieri: The Last, Most Powerful Godfather of Milwaukee!!

The book that started the whole idea of my interest in being a writer !

Lets not make the Mad Bomber unhappy.