Mob Writer Turns To Erotica

Mob Writer Turns To Erotica

Co-writer of Frank Balistrieri: The Last Most Powerful Godfather of Milwaukee, Wayne “Mr. Big” Clingman, saw an opportunity to bring a bit of spicy naughtiness to the world of historical erotica.

Mr. Big, as Clingman liked to be called in the past, after reading so much silly fiction calling itself erotica, knew he could do a far better job, and with the ebook Alias Mr. Big, he has done so! In this short ebook, Clingman tells a story, set in the 1920’s, of Mr. Big who enters the world of rum-running, casinos and naughty fun in Belle City.

It was critical to me to have historical accuracy in this Mafia erotica where both the mob action terminology and my kink were talked about.

As one reviewer put it “If you can see beyond Mr. Big’s rough and tumble sexual energy, the set dressing and background research truly help sell the setting for the roaring 20s coming into their prime”.

If you want a work that is a bit more accurate and way more fun, Alias Mr. Big is for you!

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