Frank to the rescue

There are many stray cats in this area, and when we first moved in the biggest issue was from dog fighting, from what I learned in working with the police and neighborhood watch. This horrific practice usually involves young drug dealers who force dogs (mostly pitbulls), to fight. In the park south of my home, with all the bullshit that goes with it, such as using puppies and cats for bait with no veterinary care for the dogs, killing them or leaving them to suffer. As you might guess, the scum doing the dog fighting treated their own families very poorly, abusing their children and domestic violence being typical behavior.

Since we first moved here and found out that this was happening, we made it a priority to do what we could to stop this and to see the assholes responsible for this animal cruelty go to jail.

The Racine Police Department was an integral part in this effort, especially when we discovered that our neighborhood police officer was a big dog lover and found out that the young man we hired to watch our home when we went camping was the son of a police officer and head of the SWAT team. That got our efforts moved from “when we have time” to “let’s kick some ass!”. Well let’s just say that the guys who were fighting dogs were re-educated to stop this behavior and why it was a very very bad idea. And also why it might be a good idea to move out of the neighborhood.

Judges and probation officers were helpful in making sure that there was jail time or revocation of a few years at least in this area for charges related to dog fighting, and it has since significantly decreased or gone away.

Even then we took care of as many of the stray cats and dogs as we could by reuniting them and using the local pet shelter to help as needed. Helping out pet owners with tips on training and basic health-care was also a step that we took to help the animals in our area. With both the Gun Moll and I working, the cost was really affordable and we were happy to do it.

Now it is more the stray cats we care for by feeding and creating shelters in the winter and working with the Gun Moll’s old employer we have been able to rescue litters of kittens, finding them foster homes and forever homes. I was happy to do so, with both of us “retired” it’s harder to pay for some of the expenses in caring for the strays and lo and behold we have found a vet who is willing to fix the older cats at cost, which is a wonderful thing. But, as you might have guessed, even at cost it isn’t cheap.

This is why the income from writing and promoting books helps us ensure that we can at least care for the strays a little bit.

So all of the funds from the profits of my book sales are being used to do this and even after I am gone, that income will continue to be used for that purpose.

I would very much like to thank everyone who has bought, or will buy, any of my books because you sure are helping us to help the weakest and most defenseless among us.