Frank Balistrieri, A look at “The Last Godfather of the Milwaukee Mafia” The Ebook Pre-Sale


Today, Wayne Clingman, the producer of the film Milwaukkee Mafia – Frank Balistrieri, The Longest Running Mob Boss in Milwaukee’s History, announced that the book, Frank Balistrieri, A look at “The Last Godfather of the Milwaukee Mafia” is about done and being offered for pre-sale to those fans of mafia history, Milwaukee, and/or The Outfit, who will want to own it for their own collections.

This book, by myself and co-writer Zack Long, is based on over 1000 pages of documents received from a Freedom of Information Act request, along with newspaper stories from The New York Times, The Milwaukee Journal and others. Mr. Clingman said, “I had no idea that when I started to produce my film, Milwaukee Mafia, that doing so would lead to a book. Yet once I received the FOIA return, I knew I had to continue to tell Frank Balistrieri’s story. Frank was, even if many would like not to admit it, a major part in the history of not only Milwaukee but Las Vegas and the role of the American Mafia at large.
Mr. Clingman continued,”The best part was working with a great writer, Mr Zack Long.”
Mr. Long spoke on the project, “It has been a lot of fun working with Wayne to turn Balistrieri’s story into a book. It is downright shocking just how much violence can orbit a single life.”
The ebook can be purchased via pre-sale for $5. Buyers will also receive a Chicago Outfit Blood on the Street sticker along with their purchase.
The sale of the ebook on Amazon will begin in mid-June for $3.95;