Crazy Times


So…. here we are.

With the way that events have played out, there is no way that either of the mafia books (Frank Goes to Vegas or the one of the mafia in Buffalo) will be able to finish this year. Originally it was expected that Frank Goes to Vegas would be done around June and Mafia in Buffalo around August but it has been a strange year. And that’s putting it lightly, since it just continues to get weirder. As much as I was looking forward to the books, events can (and do!) dictate actions and with my appointment coming up I will not plan anything after this year.

So I could go looking for another co-writer but that’s not going to happen. Most feel they should get a car and a mortgage payment as a fee and I will not be able to find someone I trust like Zack Long. Men like him are hard to find and as hen’s teeth.
So rather than just having that info for the books live on my hard drive, I will post it to my blog so that others may read it and gain a better understanding of the topic and perhaps they’ll even be able to use it in books of their own.
As you may or may not know, the Mr. Big Talks line of books are starting to come out with:
both out now
and Mr. Big Talks Texas Hold ‘Em Poker and Mr. Big Talks Slots to be out late April to Mid-May. All will be in ebook format, though I may combine them together to make for one big paperback. All links will be posted.
I also have a notebook you can get as well.
Oh and Frank got a new cover
    Get The Kindle Here that make Frank happy