Hey, Mr Big Talks: Craps



The first book in the Mr. Big Talks series on casino table games has started ! The first in the series is out on Amazon now, its a short E-Book on Craps teaching a bit of history, the basic rules, and some ideas in playing the game.

A few ways you can get this book

On Amazon (Kindle) at this link (cost .99 + tax) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B085KSSXR4

PDF via Email  send  $1.00 to my Pay Pal wclingman@wi.rr.com and in the comments please put craps and your Postal Address then you get the PDF by Email  and two Chicago Outfit stickers Via U.S.P.S.  Outside the USA if you want the stickers its $3.00 or the $1. gets you just the PDF of Mr. Big Talks: Craps

Let’s Make a Book!


Let’s Make a Book!

Sadly, no we are not going to be getting into bookmaking. I leave that to those with the right skill sets to pull it off but that wouldn’t be me, I lost my cash, fast, on the NFL this year.
What I am thinking about in regards to book making is writing a series of short ebooks on popular casino games found in Vegas and Atlantic City.
Right now, the games under consideration are black jack, craps and roulette. There would also be a fourth book that covers everything a beginner needs to know about hitting Las Vegas. From travel information to what you need to know before you hit the tables, the guide will make hitting Vegas a cinch.
These ebooks will cost $0.99 when purchased alone or you can get all four in a box set for $2.99. Proceeds from these books will go towards funding my next book on the mob in Vegas: Frank Goes to Vegas is about how the mafia skimmed millions of dollars from Vegas casinos and cover the mobsters and the bankers involved to show you how they did it using everything from fixed weight scales to hiding cash in a newspaper. It was a crazy story that left dead bodies all the way from Vegas to Mexico.
I will also be offering sponsorships for these books. For $50, you can have you or your company listed in the book with a hyperlink straight to your site. This is a great opportunity to include a discount code or other promotional gift that will help to invite readers to come stay in Vegas and spend money in your business. It costs next to nothing for your business but could bring a fine return.
The line of books should hit the shelves on Amazon by March/April.
If you are interested in sponsorship or have any other questions, please contact me at wclingman@wi.rr.com.

Racine WI. Filmmakers To Continue To Explore History of the Mafia in Milwaukee

For Immediate Release
Racine WI. Filmmakers To Continue To Explore History of the Mafia in Milwaukee
Filmmakers Wayne Clingman and Jason Love announce the start of preproduction on the next in the series exploring the history of the Mafia in Southeastern Wisconsin and links to The Las Vegas Skim.
As Mr. Clingman tells it, “many of those who have seen our first film on the Milwaukee Mafia, ” Milwaukee Mafia – Frank Balistrieri, The Longest Running Mob Boss in Milwaukee’s History ” have expressed an interest in seeing more on this topic. So after much thought we are going to do just that. The first of this effort will be the rerelease of  ” Milwaukee Mafia – Frank Balistrieri, The Longest Running Mob Boss in Milwaukee’s History ” as an Editor’s Cut where Mr. Love will add content not used in the first release, adding a bit on Felix Anthony “Milwaukee Phil”.
Mr. Clingman goes on to explain “…in the second Film Milwaukee Mob II Frank Balistrieri Goes to Vegas, will tell the story of the alleged role of Frank Balistrieri in the joining of the Mob, The Teamster’s Central States Pension Fund, Fremont Hotel and Casino and the Stardust, as would come out in incitements in Federal Court. You might have seen Casino, the real story is far crazier’
In Milwaukee Mob II we introduce local Mafia Buff Paul Peterson as an on screen spokesmen
Both films are expected to be out by Mid Summer 2019.
For more information on the films and or the fundraising efforts  contact Wayne Clingman at wclingman@wi.rr.com

Our Thanks Frank Balistrieri,


My thought is that anyone who has been to Las Vegas needs to thank Frank Balistrieri, for without his efforts to bring millions of dollars from the Central State Teamster’s Pension Fund to invest, yes invest  for my understanding is that the fund’s investments were profitable in returning a profit to the Pension Fund during the time frame of Mr. Ballistrieri , this investment allowed Casino’s such as The Fremont and The Stardust to exist.




The Stardust Hotel

Yes we know that the Mob was in Vegas long before Frank came in, A shame he has not gotten the credit I believe he is due with the creation of the Vegas, we know today.

Interesting to note that in 1976 the fund had about 249. Million investing in Casinos,  getting interest on those loans, in the years to come after the Skim was discovered, the Mob kicked out.

The years of  Junk Bonds used to finance deals in Vegas that would not be the case, for investors   being taken for a ride.

To think that the Mob would help retired Americans with good investments is well, crazy, but perhaps true