Pizza With The Outfit Expanded

Around a table playing cards, eating pizza and having a few drinks, we would have a group of “mafia” types talking shop, trading war stories and debating the myths vs truths that these “made men” heard growing up as kids and coming up in the gang run by Mr. Big.

These stories would run from the good old days of Al Capone and the Valentine’s Day Massacre to Crazy Joe Gallo in New York being shot down in front go his wife outside a Clam Shop to the chaos of the Chop Shop Wars of ’80s Chicago where the streets ran red with blood and bodies were constantly being found in the trunks of cars all over the Windy city.

Debate breaks out as one of the guy’s at the table asked who killed Helen Brach and why. Even the sad, sad end of Joe Adonis at the hands of the Italian Police as an old man could be featured.

At times, one or another of the mob guys could bring up a job they did or are planning to do and is currently searching for crew members to help out.

All this, of course, would be taking place as they play a game of poker as the pizza is brought out and served with some fresh drinks by a good looking waitress who just might be Mr. Big’s girl.

Even with this game going and the banter, this does not mean that Mr. Big has a day off. He’s in his suit, listening then talking, he is texting on his phone, Big’s driver/bodyguard from time to time comes in to whisper in his ear. Mr. Big listens to the news, relies his orders and sends them off to be passed along.

The above is a short outline of what I see as a web sites of 6-8 episodes. These episodes would run on YouTube and have roles (some only brief) for 5 to 7 men and 2 women. Each episode would be around 20 minutes. They would not have scripts but be ad libbed. However, each mafia character would be briefed during casting on the stories that we are covering to ensure that everyone has a basic understanding of the classic mob and to avoid the deer in headlights look when new or strange terms are used.

The women need to have a classic Italian look.

We will use two cameras. One for the wide shot and the second for close ups.

The season would be filmed over two weeks. Week one would be the primary with any pickup shots needed covered on the second weekend.

Editing be the most time consuming and costly.

All roles will pay.

Costs 3-5 Grand most for editing/taping . Love to hear your thoughts

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