Casino Near Lake Geneva ?

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A Story of a Casino Near Lake Geneva

So in Wisconsin we are in the fear-mongering phase and must wear a mask outside and even if the Potawatomi Hotel & Casino is open you need an appointment and must have a mask. My understanding is that the casinos in Illinois have the same rules and may even have stronger ones.

We know men like to gamble and some love love love to gamble, so I was not shocked to hear that a group of enterprising men, have set up shop outside Lake Geneva. It is a casino with just a few tables, and my understanding is that there is a craps table, a few Blackjack tables and a Poker room. They have typical bar food like pizza and snacks. This casino runs mostly at night after 10:00 PM to about dawn and is located on the Wisconsin side of the border in what was once a bar. It has now reopened but is designed that if you did not know it was open it would look like a dump.

Interesting that Lake Geneva once (and still) the playground of the rich of Chicago is only about 70-80 MI away a fast 90 min drive. Old memories die hard.

It makes a lot of sense that men who want to gamble do not want to be treated like kids, so I would be more shocked if this was the only one. Not only in Wisconsin but around Chicago, where do all the men go that would spend time/money in the casinos? Some will wear the masks however most will not. I will not.

Will I go? Maybe, if it exists, and I think it does. I do not have the contacts to get in so it is not on the top of the list of things to do.

I will say this, if you win, the casino operators will make damn sure you get home safe and if you need money they will lend it to you (you may not like the terms) .


The Outfit in Lake Geneva, WI and Lake County, IL – a Documentary


The Outfit in Lake Geneva, WI and Lake County, IL – a Documentary

For a while I had wanted to do something of the Chicago Outfit in Lake Geneva, WI, not only to see what Al Capone may have owned but other outfit members as well.

My understanding is that Capone had a home in the area as well as storage for bootlegging coming in from Wisconsin (a story in itself) and others may have had homes in the 20’s in and around Lake Geneva, a place for them to get away from everything, and maybe to have meetings far far away from prying eyes.

After Capone, my understanding is that homes were still owned as get-away hunting and fishing spots as well as disposing of the bodies of those who ran afoul of the mob.

As a bonus, it is rumored that my guy Frank Balistrieri owned large acreage from his long-term leadership in running the Milwaukee Mob and involvement in the Vegas skim. After all, how do you  hide the millions he must have had from the IRS: landwords owned via straw men and corporate shells, and when he was sent away for the last time and his end days how better to pass it along to others without the government knowing much.

Funny thing is, two years ago I met a retired realtor who loved poking around the area of Bulington, WI and Lake  Geneva, looking for old coins, farm signs and  the like. He invited me more than once but I never went with him and I regret that. I know he had interesting stories of the area and would have been great to be in on the finds, not only the old coins or cool old seed signs, but the horde of coins, well over 10 lbs of dimes, quarters and gold one and two dollar bills, he found in a caved-in drainage ditch, using a cheap metal detector and an old school dowsing rod. We counted the bills about 300 in face value, way more as collector items and so many coins with silver. I do think the value as collecting items was quite a bit, and the last I heard from the guy is that he was moving to Deadwood, CO to try his hand at prospecting. It makes me think how much did he get? Did he go back for more? Are there other hordes to be found?

The Film

Not only can we look at the old homes of the outfit but also look into the story of if the Outfit did try to take over the Grayhound Track in Lake  Geneva, which would be a very interesting story. Can we find the old stashes for the bootlegging? The list goes on.

Then we have Lake County, from petty crime, a bit of corruption to a few murders and the story of an illegal casino, a murder with a few ghosts, maybe a bit of arson.

As I see it, Lake County, IL has quite the story to tell and we should tell it.

My thought is this could be a 90 minute to 2 hour documentary to be put on Amazon Prime and YouTube. I got a great presenter and a talking head for explaining some of the background when needed.

We got a research crew going now!

Update 8/9/20

Sadly this has been put on the back burner due to the actions of others in the past bothering those living in the locations. Now making filming hard  as I would have liked to have done the project.

Am reaching out to see if arrangements  can be made