Mob Writer Turns To Erotica

Mob Writer Turns To Erotica

Co-writer of Frank Balistrieri: The Last Most Powerful Godfather of Milwaukee, Wayne “Mr. Big” Clingman, saw an opportunity to bring a bit of spicy naughtiness to the world of historical erotica.

Mr. Big, as Clingman liked to be called in the past, after reading so much silly fiction calling itself erotica, knew he could do a far better job, and with the ebook Alias Mr. Big, he has done so! In this short ebook, Clingman tells a story, set in the 1920’s, of Mr. Big who enters the world of rum-running, casinos and naughty fun in Belle City.

It was critical to me to have historical accuracy in this Mafia erotica where both the mob action terminology and my kink were talked about.

As one reviewer put it “If you can see beyond Mr. Big’s rough and tumble sexual energy, the set dressing and background research truly help sell the setting for the roaring 20s coming into their prime”.

If you want a work that is a bit more accurate and way more fun, Alias Mr. Big is for you!

This ebook is available on Kindle at


Why I Write


Why I Write

Of course I write to make money. But the idea is to make the cash necessary to help the stray cats in my area and foster them when we can. We come across kittens all the time (and are currently fostering two of them).

For some background to this: We live in the inner city of a slowly dying city, Racine, Wisconsin. Moving into our home in the slums, we found out fast that one of the major sports here was dog fighting. Working with the Parks department and the police, we were able to put an end to this (at least in the park below our home). The monsters’ running this ring were up to the triple act: Stealing pets to use as bait to train dogs, shooting dogs that lost and simply letting them go when they had no more use for them (because of injury or age). We got real tired of having to call about another injured or dying animal.

At least we were able to stop this by our house.

An issue that still goes on here though is when a kitten or a puppy is no longer cute, the owner gets bored of taking care of it and just tosses it outside. Because of this we have a lot of stray cats and a few dogs in the area. The city is good at getting the dogs off the streets and into the new shelter that’s gone up. They’re not so good with taking care of the cats.

I know I can’t change the world but I am sure that I can do something for the cats.

The Gun Moll and I have built two cat houses (still need red lights) filled with straw for the outside strays, as well as two beds for them in the wind break that our front door creates. We feed them cat food and treat them with dewormer when we can. There’s not much more we can do but when we do find young kittens we have been very lucky in our ability to foster them. In a perfect world we would run a spay and release program but sadly we can’t afford that. Yes, the world is a cruel place and most of the outside strays only last a year or two. It is what it is but we have done everything that is in our power to do.

It is nice that the books I have written are able to help pay for the cats, something that being on a fixed income would not allow us to do.

I just wanted to take the time to tell you about why I write and how it helps greatly in our efforts looking after these poor creatures.


Why yes we try Mafia Erotica

Yes, we had to try our hand at erotica based on the mafia of the 20/30s to see if it would sell, at least as an inexpensive Kindle read. Of course I am talking about Meeting Mr. Big, a quick, fun read that I wrote together with JK Cummings. At $0.99, how can you go wrong?
   Buy Here

We also have Alias Mr Big, a longer story with way more crazy sex. You’ll learn why Mr. Big likes cigars. We used the opportunity to explain the terms used in the ’20s. This bigger, crazier story is just $2.99 to find out just how sick I really am. But I promise, it’s a blast.

Ms. Cummings also writes for hire if you would like a story of your own making. She can be found on Twitter @MusingErotic
I think that this space can do well in finding a fan base, which is key since you can’t use AMS to get key words. Let’s see what happens.