Narco Saints and Santa Muerte

I typically stick to stuff dealing with the mob (with a healthy dose of conspiracy theory thrown in) but I would be remiss if I didn’t use this platform to educate and correct misconceptions whenever possible. As you know, in the book Narco Saints we use Santa Muerte as a plot device (though some might say a character). Either way, she plays a major role.

My interest in Santa Muerte goes back to my days as a volunteer for the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce for S.E Wisconsin which I was V.P for about a year. I helped many from Mexico and Central America to get ESL classes, start small businesses and navigate City Hall. In doing so, I got to hear stories about life in Mexico and why individuals wanted to live in Wisconsin. I also heard what I can only describe as horror stories about dealing with the corrupt government and the Cartels.

Over time I was invited to many meals and gatherings and I got to learn more. Way more. The most intriguing thing I learned was the truth about Santa Muerte vs what the media and entertainment had to say.

When I met Dr. Kate Kingsbury on Twitter, I found out about her research and I knew I needed to help her with her GoFundMe campaign she was running for her book. While I could offer a donation, I knew this wasn’t enough. That’s why I have decided to pledge 10% of the sales from my book Nacro Saints to her campaign (including the upcoming audiobook and t-shirt sales). To me, this will help to educate us all on the Santa Muerte far more than a brief and misguided reference in the odd television program.


Dr Kate Kingsbury’s Go Fund me

Why yes we try Mafia Erotica

Yes, we had to try our hand at erotica based on the mafia of the 20/30s to see if it would sell, at least as an inexpensive Kindle read. Of course I am talking about Meeting Mr. Big, a quick, fun read that I wrote together with JK Cummings. At $0.99, how can you go wrong?
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We also have Alias Mr Big, a longer story with way more crazy sex. You’ll learn why Mr. Big likes cigars. We used the opportunity to explain the terms used in the ’20s. This bigger, crazier story is just $2.99 to find out just how sick I really am. But I promise, it’s a blast.

Ms. Cummings also writes for hire if you would like a story of your own making. She can be found on Twitter @MusingErotic
I think that this space can do well in finding a fan base, which is key since you can’t use AMS to get key words. Let’s see what happens.

Boy we been busy !



Doing all kinds of stuff from doing an Audio Book on Frank you can find here :

To a crime fiction  with the DEA joining up with a  Narco killer , in the  book by the same name Narco Saints

You got to love the cover art !


We are also pleased to present to you from England David Breakspaer’s first but we hope not last book A Father’s Son  . Set in the 60’s takes you from London to Chicago  look at a life of  crime and the world it existed in


Frank Balistrieri, A look at “The Last Godfather of the Milwaukee Mafia” The Ebook Pre-Sale


Today, Wayne Clingman, the producer of the film Milwaukkee Mafia – Frank Balistrieri, The Longest Running Mob Boss in Milwaukee’s History, announced that the book, Frank Balistrieri, A look at “The Last Godfather of the Milwaukee Mafia” is about done and being offered for pre-sale to those fans of mafia history, Milwaukee, and/or The Outfit, who will want to own it for their own collections.

This book, by myself and co-writer Zack Long, is based on over 1000 pages of documents received from a Freedom of Information Act request, along with newspaper stories from The New York Times, The Milwaukee Journal and others. Mr. Clingman said, “I had no idea that when I started to produce my film, Milwaukee Mafia, that doing so would lead to a book. Yet once I received the FOIA return, I knew I had to continue to tell Frank Balistrieri’s story. Frank was, even if many would like not to admit it, a major part in the history of not only Milwaukee but Las Vegas and the role of the American Mafia at large.
Mr. Clingman continued,”The best part was working with a great writer, Mr Zack Long.”
Mr. Long spoke on the project, “It has been a lot of fun working with Wayne to turn Balistrieri’s story into a book. It is downright shocking just how much violence can orbit a single life.”
The ebook can be purchased via pre-sale for $5. Buyers will also receive a Chicago Outfit Blood on the Street sticker along with their purchase.
The sale of the ebook on Amazon will begin in mid-June for $3.95;