Who Wanted Ms. Daphne Galizia Dead?

Who Wanted Ms. Galizia Dead?
On 10/16/17, Maltese journalist and activist Ms. Galizia was assassinated by car bomb after years of reporting on corruption and the links between Malta’s online gambling and organized crime, as well as issues of Malta’s Citizen by Investment program.
As part of her blog, Running Commentary, Ms. Galizia was able to expose the questionable behavior of Konrad Mizzi’s involvement in companies located in Panama and New Zealand. He was never charged with any wrong doing but this caused a lot of embarrassment for the then sitting government, though was still able to overcome a no connivance vote.
Over the years, Running Commentary pointed out other issues within the small island nation government such as Adrian Delia MP’s links to organized prostitution, which was also a cause of great embarrassment. Though, again, no charges were laid.
During this time, Ms. Galizia’s home was fire bombed and her pets were murdered by persons looking to shut her up. Despite this, she would not stay quiet.
The car bomb that finally killed was was set to blow when she turned the key in the ignition. One of her children found her body parts raining down from the sky. Around the time of her murder, the government of Malta was looking at expanding gas/oil, perhaps looking for help to bring a pipeline into Southern Europe.
Many think that Ms. Galizia was killed over the links she exposed between online gambling and the Russian Mob. I personally think it was to do with the pipeline and the by-passing of sanctions on Russian energy companies.
Three men were arrested in relation to the bombing but have been let go due to lack of evidence. Malta has yet to ask for help from the FBI or Scotland Yard to help find her killers.


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