Pizza With The Outfit

one point in time, me and Jason Love  were planning a series of YouTube shows where we would sit down with an (alleged) former member of the Outfit and with a member of the Chicago Press Core, perhaps a retired member of Law Enforcement, and talk about the Chicago Outfit as this group lived and experienced events.

We even had the first group lined up, however the day before filming I received a phone call saying the Outfit member had an emergency and would be unable to do the program. They promised they would get back to us. But it never happened.. We have many ideas on why this happened but no answers. Life goes on.

The idea of telling the “true” stories of the Outfit in the years 1965 to 1995 has never left me. This would not have to be a huge mega production. It would be just as effective with a few guys dressed as mafia types, telling the documented stories (and a few urban legends) while sitting around a table drinking beers and eating pizza.

The could be ramped up to have a cute woman bring the pizza and beer out. With far more effort we could even do a story line where a crew has an issue to take care of as the stories go on or even have the dinner fade out as the story starts and show a reenactment of the events.

Both of the above ideas (other than the reenactment) could be done for less than $2500 but money is hard to come by.

In many ways this would be easier and cheaper to do than Frank Goes to Vegas, and the building of a fan base from Pizza With the Outfit could help get Frank Goes to Vegas going.

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