Documentary Project : Frank Balistrieri, Goes To Vegas

On the heels of the documentary The Milwaukee Mob, where we looked at  Frank Balistrieri, the last major Boss of the Mafia, this film Frank Balistrieri, Goes To Vegas  will look at what we here feel is the misunderstood story of Balistriri role in the Mafia’s getting into the financing of Casinos in Vegas.

What role did Frank B play in the idea of major mob influenced investing in Vegas casinos ?

Who did Frank B use as sources of money for this investment ?

How did the Mafia work behind the scenes to protect and profit from this investment ?

How did this fall apart ?

What happened to the major players ?

This film will be a feature and be shared with interested parties via VOD outlets or Cable stations.  “DVD’s” with bonius content will be offered to be purchased.

More details as they become available


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Say hi to our star Shanta Pasika

Ms. Pasika from Wisconsin has long been an actress in local Indy Film and TV productions.

She is a big fan of classic horror film such as the Thing as well the gore horror films of  today such as Serbian Film.

Like myself, she had little idea of the history of the Mafia in Southeastern Wisconsin until  Shanta and I met and she saw my film on the Milwaukee Mob.

A quick study and very interested in the subject, looking forward to looking at the homes owned by/connected to The Chicago Outfit, in the Lake Geneva WI area.

Interesting to note that Ms. Pasika in the past had heard that Al Capone may had bunkers dug in the Burlington WI area to store Beer to be shipped into the Milwaukee and Madison area, she plans to see what notes she still has on this in an effort to incorporate  this story into the history of Lake Geneva

The Boys say Hi

Welcome! This is the page for Chicago Outfit: Blood in the Streets, we look at the Outfit in Chicago and the greater Chicagoland area during the heights  of their power about 1950 to 1990 time frame.


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