Narco Saints The Audio Book is out !


Like a gritty Audio Book to hear in the car, working in the shop or even cleaning up the blood splatter ?

Then out this morning we have Narco Saints

This is lets say a bloody ride with a twist that you will not see coming.

Check it out, well worth your time and hard earned cash


George Jay Vandermark or Lets not steal from the Mafia)



Born in 1923, George Jay Vandermark had worked in Vegas for some time already when 1976 found him working at the mob owned Stardust Casino. In May of that year, the Nevada Gaming Commission staged a raid and quickly found out that a wide ranging skim was being conducted to the tune of about $7 million. Nice money, that, too bad that George told the mob it was only $4 million (roughly $300,000 a week). That meant that George had put aside $3 million for himself. It is alleged that Vandermark’s job as a slot supervisor was to create opportunities to do this skim, such as rigging the scales that were used to weigh the coins from slots (For example, 1lb of coins would weigh in at 3/4 a pound to be reported to the IRS).

Mr. Vandermark vanished before law enforcement could interview him.

As you might imagine, this upset the mafia who were running the show. Such men as the alleged Godfather of Milwaukee, Frank Balistrieri (a man believe by many to have had others killed for simply insulting him behind his back).

Not a good thing to do, pissing those folks off.

The government reached out to George via his son, Jeff, to warn him that his life was in great danger. They offered to put him into witness protection. My understanding is that Jeff told the FBI that he was able to contact his father, who may have been living in Mexico at the time, and that George was willing to talk with the FBI. This might have been a fatal mistake on his part, since soon after Jeff was found dead with his skull crushed (1).

For a few years following, there were reports of Vandermark sightings both in Baja, Mexico, and Phoenix. These stopped by 1978.

Current rumor has it that the mafia caught up with George in Mexico where they had him killed and buried in the desert (2).

No one has been charged with Vandermark’s disappearance or murder, nor has any trace of the money looted from the Stardust ever been discovered.

Stealing from the mafia is never a good idea.

(1): Was his son, Jeff, killed to find the money that his father stole? Three million is a lot of money, after all.

(2). Another story is that the mob gave him a trip to Mexico, a thanks for all of George’s hard work, and then had him killed in Mexico and used a look alike to cause confusion through the subsequent sightings.

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Pizza With The Outfit Expanded

Around a table playing cards, eating pizza and having a few drinks, we would have a group of “mafia” types talking shop, trading war stories and debating the myths vs truths that these “made men” heard growing up as kids and coming up in the gang run by Mr. Big.

These stories would run from the good old days of Al Capone and the Valentine’s Day Massacre to Crazy Joe Gallo in New York being shot down in front go his wife outside a Clam Shop to the chaos of the Chop Shop Wars of ’80s Chicago where the streets ran red with blood and bodies were constantly being found in the trunks of cars all over the Windy city.

Debate breaks out as one of the guy’s at the table asked who killed Helen Brach and why. Even the sad, sad end of Joe Adonis at the hands of the Italian Police as an old man could be featured.

At times, one or another of the mob guys could bring up a job they did or are planning to do and is currently searching for crew members to help out.

All this, of course, would be taking place as they play a game of poker as the pizza is brought out and served with some fresh drinks by a good looking waitress who just might be Mr. Big’s girl.

Even with this game going and the banter, this does not mean that Mr. Big has a day off. He’s in his suit, listening then talking, he is texting on his phone, Big’s driver/bodyguard from time to time comes in to whisper in his ear. Mr. Big listens to the news, relies his orders and sends them off to be passed along.

The above is a short outline of what I see as a web sites of 6-8 episodes. These episodes would run on YouTube and have roles (some only brief) for 5 to 7 men and 2 women. Each episode would be around 20 minutes. They would not have scripts but be ad libbed. However, each mafia character would be briefed during casting on the stories that we are covering to ensure that everyone has a basic understanding of the classic mob and to avoid the deer in headlights look when new or strange terms are used.

The women need to have a classic Italian look.

We will use two cameras. One for the wide shot and the second for close ups.

The season would be filmed over two weeks. Week one would be the primary with any pickup shots needed covered on the second weekend.

Editing be the most time consuming and costly.

All roles will pay.

Costs 3-5 Grand most for editing/taping . Love to hear your thoughts

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Pizza With The Outfit

one point in time, me and Jason Love  were planning a series of YouTube shows where we would sit down with an (alleged) former member of the Outfit and with a member of the Chicago Press Core, perhaps a retired member of Law Enforcement, and talk about the Chicago Outfit as this group lived and experienced events.

We even had the first group lined up, however the day before filming I received a phone call saying the Outfit member had an emergency and would be unable to do the program. They promised they would get back to us. But it never happened.. We have many ideas on why this happened but no answers. Life goes on.

The idea of telling the “true” stories of the Outfit in the years 1965 to 1995 has never left me. This would not have to be a huge mega production. It would be just as effective with a few guys dressed as mafia types, telling the documented stories (and a few urban legends) while sitting around a table drinking beers and eating pizza.

The could be ramped up to have a cute woman bring the pizza and beer out. With far more effort we could even do a story line where a crew has an issue to take care of as the stories go on or even have the dinner fade out as the story starts and show a reenactment of the events.

Both of the above ideas (other than the reenactment) could be done for less than $2500 but money is hard to come by.

In many ways this would be easier and cheaper to do than Frank Goes to Vegas, and the building of a fan base from Pizza With the Outfit could help get Frank Goes to Vegas going.

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Frank Goes To Vegas



I proposed on my @TheMilwaukeeMob Twitter account the idea of doing a six part YouTube series on the Vegas Skim (with each episode being about 60 minutes).

This project would have production values above what my first documentary of Frank Balistrieri had and aim to dispel the myths around the skim and ask questions for the viewers to meditate on.
The ballpark number to put this together would be around $5000 to $7000 and would take about a month to film and edit.

Audio Book The Life and Times of Frank Balistrieri The Last, Most Powerful Godfather of Milwaukee


For those who like Audio Books for long drives, in the background working on Cars, or between beat downs, we have our  Audio book:   The Life and Times of Frank Balistrieri The Last, Most Powerful Godfather of Milwaukee  out on audiible/ I-Tunes too!  You can get your copy at this link

We had the voice artist  John Campagna who has a back ground in doing other Audio Books on the same time frame and subjects,  narrate  this book,  amazing on how well he was able to nail the names from the FBI FOIA retuns.

For under $10.00 how can you go wrong ?

When you get your copy please do not forget to rate the book




Who Wanted Ms. Daphne Galizia Dead?

Who Wanted Ms. Galizia Dead?
On 10/16/17, Maltese journalist and activist Ms. Galizia was assassinated by car bomb after years of reporting on corruption and the links between Malta’s online gambling and organized crime, as well as issues of Malta’s Citizen by Investment program.
As part of her blog, Running Commentary, Ms. Galizia was able to expose the questionable behavior of Konrad Mizzi’s involvement in companies located in Panama and New Zealand. He was never charged with any wrong doing but this caused a lot of embarrassment for the then sitting government, though was still able to overcome a no connivance vote.
Over the years, Running Commentary pointed out other issues within the small island nation government such as Adrian Delia MP’s links to organized prostitution, which was also a cause of great embarrassment. Though, again, no charges were laid.
During this time, Ms. Galizia’s home was fire bombed and her pets were murdered by persons looking to shut her up. Despite this, she would not stay quiet.
The car bomb that finally killed was was set to blow when she turned the key in the ignition. One of her children found her body parts raining down from the sky. Around the time of her murder, the government of Malta was looking at expanding gas/oil, perhaps looking for help to bring a pipeline into Southern Europe.
Many think that Ms. Galizia was killed over the links she exposed between online gambling and the Russian Mob. I personally think it was to do with the pipeline and the by-passing of sanctions on Russian energy companies.
Three men were arrested in relation to the bombing but have been let go due to lack of evidence. Malta has yet to ask for help from the FBI or Scotland Yard to help find her killers.


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Narco Saints and Santa Muerte

I typically stick to stuff dealing with the mob (with a healthy dose of conspiracy theory thrown in) but I would be remiss if I didn’t use this platform to educate and correct misconceptions whenever possible. As you know, in the book Narco Saints we use Santa Muerte as a plot device (though some might say a character). Either way, she plays a major role.

My interest in Santa Muerte goes back to my days as a volunteer for the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce for S.E Wisconsin which I was V.P for about a year. I helped many from Mexico and Central America to get ESL classes, start small businesses and navigate City Hall. In doing so, I got to hear stories about life in Mexico and why individuals wanted to live in Wisconsin. I also heard what I can only describe as horror stories about dealing with the corrupt government and the Cartels.

Over time I was invited to many meals and gatherings and I got to learn more. Way more. The most intriguing thing I learned was the truth about Santa Muerte vs what the media and entertainment had to say.

When I met Dr. Kate Kingsbury on Twitter, I found out about her research and I knew I needed to help her with her GoFundMe campaign she was running for her book. While I could offer a donation, I knew this wasn’t enough. That’s why I have decided to pledge 10% of the sales from my book Nacro Saints to her campaign (including the upcoming audiobook and t-shirt sales). To me, this will help to educate us all on the Santa Muerte far more than a brief and misguided reference in the odd television program.


Dr Kate Kingsbury’s Go Fund me

Why yes we try Mafia Erotica

Yes, we had to try our hand at erotica based on the mafia of the 20/30s to see if it would sell, at least as an inexpensive Kindle read. Of course I am talking about Meeting Mr. Big, a quick, fun read that I wrote together with JK Cummings. At $0.99, how can you go wrong?
   Buy Here

We also have Alias Mr Big, a longer story with way more crazy sex. You’ll learn why Mr. Big likes cigars. We used the opportunity to explain the terms used in the ’20s. This bigger, crazier story is just $2.99 to find out just how sick I really am. But I promise, it’s a blast.

Ms. Cummings also writes for hire if you would like a story of your own making. She can be found on Twitter @MusingErotic
I think that this space can do well in finding a fan base, which is key since you can’t use AMS to get key words. Let’s see what happens.

Boy we been busy !



Doing all kinds of stuff from doing an Audio Book on Frank you can find here :

To a crime fiction  with the DEA joining up with a  Narco killer , in the  book by the same name Narco Saints

You got to love the cover art !


We are also pleased to present to you from England David Breakspaer’s first but we hope not last book A Father’s Son  . Set in the 60’s takes you from London to Chicago  look at a life of  crime and the world it existed in