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Have restarted the Podcasts with a series of what I call Blasts, so far we have, Mr Curtis. of Billion Dollar Hollywood Heist fame, you can buy his book here https://www.amazon.com/dp/B085CN5HHX/ref=dp-kindle-redirect?_encoding=UTF8&btkr=1

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Mr. Big Loves Slots

People sit at electronic slot machines at the Scientific Games booth during the Global Gaming Expo, Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2018, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/John Locher)


Mr. Big Loves Slot Machines!

Why, yes, yes I do love the slots. When my folks were still alive we would all go to Ho-Chunk Casino in Baraboo, WI, (https://ho-chunkgaming.com/wisconsindells/) and we would play the slots for a few hours at a time. It was fun spending maybe $20 each. We never really won anything doing so but the few times that I stopped in by myself I won about $50. Since I didn’t just feed the money back into the machine afterwards, I was able to spend it on toys. I remember my dad once won $300 or so and he turned around and invested it into a new lawn mower. It was always a fun way to spend time with the folks.

My step father would go meet up with his pals from the VFW, sit around and play a bit…BS. They’d play a lot. Ho-Chunk went out of their way to be kind to the older vets that came in. And why not? The money they fed into the machines was just as valuable as anyone else’s and it more than made up for some free coffees. It cost them almost nothing to make these vets feel at home and it was nice to see. Nice, too, was seeing the non-casino businesses that the tribe invested in with the earnings from their casinos such as the free clinic or the health club that was open to everyone.
Just like any other casino, they made a ton of money. After all, that’s exactly what a casino is designed to do: Make money. Casinos know that the longer you stay, the longer you play and the more money the house makes. More than once here in Milwaukee, at the Pottawnmi Casino (https://www.paysbig.com/), I was ahead a few $$ from playing slots but I ended up giving every penny (and more) back. My guess is that many do as well. (They should sell T-shirts).
Since they opened, this has expanded at least twice and it has done a lot for Milwaukee with little thanks back (I have stories).
Over the 100+ years of operating, casinos/gaming companies have spent God only knows how many millions of dollars on research on the psychology behind gambling. The gaming industry knows a lot about what rewards to offer compared to the time spent playing, how the lighting of the casino draws us in and how the machines themselves. There has been so much research pumped in this direction that we can only begin to imagine how much they know.
Of course, if they could get the player to put a few more coins into the machines (times the many, many players in the casino), then they have paid that investment back in full (and fast!).
 Nice thing, too, is that unlike craps, there are no rules to learn to play the slots. You just put your money in, pull the lever and watch the lights go crazy. How easy is that?
Turning our attention over to crime, let us not forget the early marriage of the mafia, slot machines and corrupt political leaders who protected them. The best example of early mob ties of this manner is Frank Costello (mafia) and Huey Long (the Governor of Louisiana). It was said that Long allowed slots in the city for a percentage. Another example is how the teamsters of the 60s-80s, the mafia and LDS banks then skimmed money from many of the casinos in Vegas. Slows have been seen as not only a fun way to pass a few hours but also as a way for forgotten tribes to make investments in their community and for shady crooks and shifty leaders to make a lot of money. A ton of money, in fact.
When the heat came down in New York and the slots of the mob had in the city came under attack, Costello knew he better move – to a far nicer place, a place where if you bribed someone they actually stayed bribed. It also helped to have a few ports under control (union control and hijacking) and many state contracts to give out. Louisiana had a governor with a bad reputation of taking bribes, major ports with little oversight and so much money being pumped into state contacts that the word oversight wasn’t even being used. BOOM, can you say slots? Suddenly there were slots everywhere and everyone wanted to have a few drinks and play for a bit. And look at that, suddenly you could have your booze and play your machines. How could you lose? Poor Mr. Jones who turned that nice guy offering the slots down… Why, just look at that, the state police just raided his joint? Oh no, then it caught fire? Gee, maybe he should’ve taken the slot machine after all.
More fun in Vegas was how coin scales got rigged so that the mob could get their fair share before the government got theirs. The take was in the millions in the ’60s, with only a few people having to be killed off to make it happen.
All that history and how gambling can be used to create jobs (and make a small fortune) is why I love it so much.
So very happy to have met Josua O’Connell of Know Your Slots Fame https://www.knowyourslots.com/  on  Twitter ( @knowyourslots  )   and been able to pitch the idea of a joint project on basic slot play in Mr. Big Talks: Slots. A great, great guy.
Reading this basic guide will help you enjoy the machines and, with Lady Lucky on your side, win more than you lose playing. Just don’t forget: The House always wins in the end.
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Crazy Times


So…. here we are.

With the way that events have played out, there is no way that either of the mafia books (Frank Goes to Vegas or the one of the mafia in Buffalo) will be able to finish this year. Originally it was expected that Frank Goes to Vegas would be done around June and Mafia in Buffalo around August but it has been a strange year. And that’s putting it lightly, since it just continues to get weirder. As much as I was looking forward to the books, events can (and do!) dictate actions and with my appointment coming up I will not plan anything after this year.

So I could go looking for another co-writer but that’s not going to happen. Most feel they should get a car and a mortgage payment as a fee and I will not be able to find someone I trust like Zack Long. Men like him are hard to find and as hen’s teeth.
So rather than just having that info for the books live on my hard drive, I will post it to my blog so that others may read it and gain a better understanding of the topic and perhaps they’ll even be able to use it in books of their own.
As you may or may not know, the Mr. Big Talks line of books are starting to come out with:
both out now
and Mr. Big Talks Texas Hold ‘Em Poker and Mr. Big Talks Slots to be out late April to Mid-May. All will be in ebook format, though I may combine them together to make for one big paperback. All links will be posted.
I also have a notebook you can get as well.       https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0863RMSQ3
Oh and Frank got a new cover
    Get The Kindle Here that make Frank happy https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07S15JL4B

Not Dead

Not Dead

Sorry for the last of postings in the last couple weeks, I got caught up in a few small issues that just grew and grew until they were larger than I could have predicted and trying to get three Mr. Big Talks books done and out (as well as the book on the mob in Buffalo) had to slow down as a result.

You’ve already guessed it but I need to do a far better job in managing my time. I’ve done a bad job so far and that isn’t helped by the way the wheels are spinning on Frank Goes to Vegas or this virus that’s going around.
As you know, Mr. Big Talks Craps is done and out and you can find it here. I hope to have Mr. Big Talks Blackjack done in another week. I had originally hoped for this week but we have to learn to go with the flow when obstacles are thrown in our way.
Frank Goes to Vegas needs to be reset. It didn’t get the backing on GoFundMe that was hoped for. This tells me that few, if any, want to see this book or to help out. So the question that I am left with is whether I do it at all. I have a large amount of research that I would rather see get used for something. The GoFundMe will stop soon since nobody seems to be interested.
I need to get Buffalo Mafia finished and out. I have firm deadlines on that one and a great editor and cover designer. These are amazing resources that are just waiting for the signal to get working.
So, again, sorry for the lack of postings but there are exciting things on the horizon.

Hey, Mr Big Talks: Craps



The first book in the Mr. Big Talks series on casino table games has started ! The first in the series is out on Amazon now, its a short E-Book on Craps teaching a bit of history, the basic rules, and some ideas in playing the game.

A few ways you can get this book

On Amazon (Kindle) at this link (cost .99 + tax) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B085KSSXR4

PDF via Email  send  $1.00 to my Pay Pal wclingman@wi.rr.com and in the comments please put craps and your Postal Address then you get the PDF by Email  and two Chicago Outfit stickers Via U.S.P.S.  Outside the USA if you want the stickers its $3.00 or the $1. gets you just the PDF of Mr. Big Talks: Craps

Let’s Make a Book!


Let’s Make a Book!

Sadly, no we are not going to be getting into bookmaking. I leave that to those with the right skill sets to pull it off but that wouldn’t be me, I lost my cash, fast, on the NFL this year.
What I am thinking about in regards to book making is writing a series of short ebooks on popular casino games found in Vegas and Atlantic City.
Right now, the games under consideration are black jack, craps and roulette. There would also be a fourth book that covers everything a beginner needs to know about hitting Las Vegas. From travel information to what you need to know before you hit the tables, the guide will make hitting Vegas a cinch.
These ebooks will cost $0.99 when purchased alone or you can get all four in a box set for $2.99. Proceeds from these books will go towards funding my next book on the mob in Vegas: Frank Goes to Vegas is about how the mafia skimmed millions of dollars from Vegas casinos and cover the mobsters and the bankers involved to show you how they did it using everything from fixed weight scales to hiding cash in a newspaper. It was a crazy story that left dead bodies all the way from Vegas to Mexico.
I will also be offering sponsorships for these books. For $50, you can have you or your company listed in the book with a hyperlink straight to your site. This is a great opportunity to include a discount code or other promotional gift that will help to invite readers to come stay in Vegas and spend money in your business. It costs next to nothing for your business but could bring a fine return.
The line of books should hit the shelves on Amazon by March/April.
If you are interested in sponsorship or have any other questions, please contact me at wclingman@wi.rr.com.

Frank Goes To Vegas The Fund Raising



Frank Goes to Vegas Crowd Sourcing and Sponsorships

(Not so) Fun fact: It costs money to create a book, even if you are self publishing it. Readers want (and deserve) a well written book with a great cover and top-notch editing by an expert so that their money is well spent on their purchase. Each book needs to be a reward for the reader, a joyful experience, because (let’s be honest) we’ve all suffered through books that could have benefited from that extra investment.
In order to ensure that Franks Goes to Vegas is of the highest possible quality, we will be obtaining documents for research through the Open Record laws and The Freedom of Information Act. Doing this requires funds, however, and so we are asking if you would kindly help. We have set up two ways in which those interested can help ensure that the story of Frank Balistrieri and the Vegas Skim is captured with as much quality as possible:
1) We have set up a GoFundMe campaign and welcome any donation that is offered. Even just sharing information with us is welcomed. You can find our campaign at: http://gf.me/u/xfcq2p
2) We are also offering sponsorship for Frank Goes to Vegas at a cost of $50. As a sponsor, a hyperlink to a website of your choosing will be added into the book. Our thought here is that Casinos or Hotels in Vegas could include a link to a discount code (perhaps for a free meal or upgraded room). We believe that many of our readers are also interested in visiting Vegas, both for gambling and out of history interest, and we are convinced that they would jump at the chance to get and use a discount code. At $50, this is an affordable marketing cost that we’re convinced will easily pay for itself.
Questions or to sign up for a sponsorship  please Email me at wclingman@wi.rr.com
Wayne (Mr. Big) Clingman

Back in the saddle to promote more books!

Back in the saddle to promote more books!

As you know, I enjoy podcasting and have been doing them on and off since 2008. Whether it’s on film, crime or anything in between, I love being on podcasts.

After my last stroke, I was having issues speaking as some of you might know. Because of this, I haven’t been on a podcast in some time. However, I keep having more and more books to promote and have continued to look into the best ways to achieve that promotion. With this in mind, I realized that a podcast which speaks about the strange going ons of serial killers, Mexican cartels and the mafia could make for entertaining listening. It helps that I also have books on these same topics!
So with that in mind, I am starting up a new podcast called Radio Free Mafia. We’ll talk crime and conspiracy theories and promote my books, as well as those of my guests!
We will quickly find out if the podcast will in fact help sell books. My bet is that it will but the real question is if it will increase sales enough to cover the cost of doing the podcast or get more visitors to explore my Chicago Outfit Blood on the Street website and purchase shirts or stickers, perhaps even book a stay at a casino in Vegas through the affiliate links there?
So over the next 30 days I will be doing 20-25 one-hour shows and posting them to my Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn feeds. I will also be posting them on my website and I hope that my guests will do so too. It is my hope that this will sell roughly 20 more paperbacks. That would be enough to pay for the podcast and net a tidy little bonus!
Guess we’ll find out!
Books can’t sell themselves and the more ways others can find out about them, the better. The key is to find out what works the best. What I can tell you is that Facebook Ads suck and Twitter blasts without engagement are not much better.
If you would like to be on the show, you can email me at wclingman@wi.rr.com

Let’s look at the mafia in upstate New York and their good pals the Outlaw MC Clubs.


Let’s look at the mafia in upstate New York and their good pals the Outlaw MC Clubs.

If we go back in time, we find that one of my first ever podcasts was with Michael Grogan, author of You Gotta Be Dirty: The Outlaws Motorcycle Club In & Around Wisconsin. Again, like Frank Balistrieri: The Last, Most Powerful Godfather of Milwaukee, Grogan’s topic is a little known part of Milwaukee history despite having a strong impact in Milwaukee and the surrounding area that ranges from the spread of drugs to human trafficking (along with war with the Hell’s Angels). This show was utterly fascinating and I learned a lot in the process. You can find the show at:

Part 1:  https://www.blogtalkradio.com/themilwaukeemob/2016/09/15/michael-grogan-you-gotta-be-dirty-the-outlaws-motorcycle-club

I bring this up because around the same time as I was recording that show, I caught a History Channel series on the Hell’s Angels and was able to score an interview with a former Hell’s Angel, George Christie. You can find that show here: https://www.blogtalkradio.com/themilwaukeemob/2017/01/10/george-christie-fact-from-fiction-of-the-hells-angels
Netflix also had a series that I was able to check out. It was about how the Hell’s Angels were doing all kinds of bad things around Buffalo, NY, and even into Canada. A very interesting show to say the least.
But as much as I was interested in these topics, I ended up drifting into focusing on (as the name suggests) the mafia’s relationship with Vegas and the more “classic” pieces of mob history.
Still, I held onto an interest in the role that Outlaw Clubs played, and still play, as allies/partners of the mafia in Upstate New York and Montreal/Toronto, Canada. Reading newspaper stories and watching what documentaries I could find was enough for me. At least, that was until two events came to pass:
1) I read a very interesting story that stated that the mafia was far from dead in the Buffalo area. I took the opportunity to talk with Anthony Scapelliti about this and the Buffalo Mob. You can find that show: https://www.blogtalkradio.com/chicagooutfit/2019/03/15/we-talk-buffalo-mafia-with–anthony-scapelliti
2) I heard on The Dark North podcast about a story of the mob in Montreal and how it for sure has links to the Hell’s Angels (and others).
I love this show but I think that what is needed is a well researched and detailed book on the mob in Buffalo and Montreal. A book that looks at how the Outlaw MC Clubs fit into the bigger picture: are they are doing their own thing but work with the mafia as is needed or are they their own family? A book that looks into the Biker Wars that left many dead and that still flairs up from time to time.
This book will be larger than the one that Zack Long and I did on Frank Balistriei  (You can buy that here https://www.amazon.com/dp/1098754697  since there is more to cover and all of it is very interesting. This book is sure to interest those who already know about the bikers, as well as those who haven’t.


Will Wisconsin make good money on cannabis after all?

Will Wisconsin make good money on cannabis after all?

As you know, the state of Illinois has full use cannabis. If you are over the age of 21 then, with proper proof of age, you can walk into a licensed sho[ and buy a wide range of cannabis for personal use, just like in eighteen other states in the Union. Wisconsin is not one of them (We should be but that’s a story for another time).
The press has done a damned good job at telling us here in Wisconsin that cannabis is not legal in the Badger State and that if you are caught with any you will be charged, perhaps as a felony, and you could find yourself having your cash property (including your car) fall prey to the Asset Forfeiture Program. That’s the program that allows the police to take away your assets (say your car for example) so they can sell them to fund further law enforcement efforts against crime. Sadly there are reports of abuses of this program by people who have been found not guilty. People who have had the charges against them dropped or dismissed have had a hard time getting their property back (if they even manage that much) and there are reports that funds acquired in this way are being misspent. Call for reform of the Asset Forfeiture Program laws have been made and of course both law enforcement and the Government are resisting them. No surprise, it is easy money after all.
Sorry, I meant a valuable tool for fighting crime…. yeah, that’s what I meant.
Back to cannabis in Illinois. So perhaps to bring in extra funds , and knowing that some in Wisconsin will buy cannabis for themselves and pals, we will see informants from Wisconsin (or hired in IL) serve as spotters to observe cars outside the shops and when they see a cannabis buyer get in a car, not just any car but a car worth money at auction with Wisconsin plants, they make a call to a law enforcement office. Law enforcement then set an officer on the Wisconsin side of the border to wait for the dumb ass to drive across the border so that they can pull him over for a routine stop and … Oh, what do we have here? I’m thinking that the guy that only has a couple joints will get a fine and let go but that the fool who buys enough for his pals, who has (god forbid) more than a few joints (or baggies and a scale), that guy will be losing his car and spending some time in jail.
Will this happen? Think it’s an easy way to make some drug busts and bring in some much needed money. to…”fight crime.” You teel me.