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As you know, I have written a few books from True Crime, from Erotica  to Lovecraft type horror.

Some I have written with others some by myself, all can be found only on Amazon and I have linked to them all here.

In order of publication I give you :


The Life and Times of Frank Balistrieri: The Last, Most Powerful Godfather of Milwaukee.

Who was Frank Peter Balistrieri, the last and most power Godfather of the Milwaukee Mafia? Based on hundreds of FBI documents obtained by a Freedom of Information request (as well as substantiating research), Wayne Clingman and Zack Long lay out a timeline of Frank ‘The Mad Bomber’ Balistrieri’s rise through the ranks of the Italian-American criminal underground and through his time controlling Milwaukee. From car bombs to the fabled Las Vegas casino skim, Balistrieri’s little known story is sure to prove a captivating one.



Bones Beneath the Pale (the Belle City Chronicles Book 1)

Michael Rutherford has always been different. An orphan who never knew his family, he was mocked as a child for his odd looks. But after Michael sees a wealthy philanthropist on television who has the same strange features he does, Michael volunteers at the man’s charity organization to get close to him.

The volunteer job takes him to the deepest recesses of the Brazilian rainforest, where Michael makes a shocking discovery about a secret laboratory that may hold the truth of Michael’s mysterious past and his odd appearance.

A story of body horror and centuries-old secrets in the vein of H.P. Lovecraft, Bones Beneath the Pale is the first volume in the Belle City Chronicles series.





A Father’s Son (Written by David Breakspear)

  To America and the streets of Chicago, where under the watch of the Outfit a wrong move could cost you your life, onto the back streets of East London in England where the wrong move cost more than a life.




Narco Saints

Manolo Vargas is a Mexican citizen recruited to work as an undercover DEA agent within the Lazcano cartel. When a hitman within the organization discovers that Manolo works for the DEA, Manolo believes he is going to be killed. He is surprised to discover that the hitman has a far different plan in mind: to work together.The hitman proposes a plan to work together with the DEA to capture the leader of the Lazcano cartel and a politician that is working with him by taking a small team to infiltrate a secret meeting that no one else knows about. Manolo finds himself struggling with his loyalties in therun-up to the infiltration, and when a hidden secret about the cartel hitman is exposed in the moments before they capture the Lazcano cartel members, Manolo’s understanding of his world is shattered. Nothing will ever be the same again.





Dark Minds Bloody Hands: A Look At Atypical Serial Killers

Dark Minds, Bloody Hands is Wayne Clingman’s follow up to The Life and Times of Frank Balistrieri. Moving from the mafia to the realm of serial murder, Dark Minds, Bloody Hands explores the phenomenon of serial sexual killers through case studies on Jack Unterweger, The Vampire of Barcelona, Luis Garavito and America’s first sexual serial killer: Earle Nelson.




And for Mafia Erotica Fans

Meeting Mr Big .: A story of a Mafia Romance (Erotic Tales of New Metropolis Book 1)

Tales from New Metropolis is set in the 20s during prohibition. Rebekah Goldene is married to James Hagerty, who is a strong arm for Mr. Big, the crime boss.
She wants to know what her husband does for a living and when he takes her out for a night in the big city, she meets his boss and tells Mr. Big about her dreams of acting. James tries to warn her.
Mr. Big offers Rebekah her dreams, but she soon finds out that nothing is free. Everything has a price to be paid.
What will this young innocent woman do? What choice will she make? Does she even have a choice?
Read this tale of love, lust and the mob to find out all that the big city has to offer and more.




Alias Mr. Big

Hot sex in 1923? You got it. Alias Mr. Big in an erotic novella unlike any other, combining a historically accurate look at the early 1920s with the raunchiest sex put to paper. As you’re led from one provocative scene to the next, you’ll be fully immersed in the era of mobsters, flappers, and Prohibition.



So here we have a wide range of books to chose from The erotica books as well as Dark Minds, Bloody Hands is in Kindle only

Hope you enjoy

Thanks very much

Wayne “Mr. Big” Clingman