You Tube Demographics

The numbers from You Tube on the Milwaukee Mob Documentary

Our demographics are 97.5% male . Ages: 15.8% are 25-34, 31.9% are 35-44, 25% are 45-54, 19.1% are 55-64, 7.4% are 65+. 69.9% are from the US, 5.3% from United Kingdom, 24.8% other. This is from 59,529 views.
Was posted on You Tube for a total of about 7-8 months.

As you know we also had the show on Prime, sadly the information we received from the third party was not a lot, unsure if this is because Amazon does  not do as good of a job as You Tube, or simply not shared.

We can breakdown some very basic information from the the payments received, of course the more information we have the better of a job we can do in insuring the best film we can create.

We will be asking the third party for as much of as much of a demographic breakdown has he may able to provide us from Amazon.

However the You Tube information is great to have this allows the sharing of the information to others to show we have a reach into a fan base that would buy from advertisers, support sponsors and most impotent watch other Mafia styled content we would create!

We are planing to locate advertisers/ sponsors that are seeking to engage with  a fan base of mostly male under say 65.

Feel that Car dealerships, Crime Writers, Hotel/Casinos would be great fits.