Buffalo Mafia


Sorry about the lack of posting been working on a new book , on The Buffalo Mafia


The Buffalo Mafia: The Return of Organized Crime in Buffalo, New York Is the latest book from Wayne Clingman, writing with the help of Zack Long. Together Clingman and Long tackled Frank Balistrieri in The Life and Times of Frank Balistrieri: The Last, Most Powerful Godfather of Milwaukee. Now they’re turning their attention from Milwaukee to Buffalo.


For years people have thought that the mafia presence in Buffalo is all about evaporated but Clingman knows better. With the family making the news all the times these days, it is clear to him that they are back in business. This latest book will convince readers of what Clingman knows is true.


The Buffalo Mafia will chart the history of the family through to their “death” to show just why exactly people think they have disappeared. But from there it’ll get into their ties to the North, the violence that has sprung up and all sorts of devious ways the family is making money these days. As readers will see, the family is busier than ever.


The Buffalo Mafia: The Return of Organized Crime in Buffalo, New York will be available in ebook and physical copies in late October–early November, with an audiobook version shortly after.


For more information of The Buffalo Mafia: The Return of Organized Crime in Buffalo, New York, you can reach Wayne Clingman at wclingman@wi.rr.com


Casino Near Lake Geneva ?

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A Story of a Casino Near Lake Geneva

So in Wisconsin we are in the fear-mongering phase and must wear a mask outside and even if the Potawatomi Hotel & Casino is open you need an appointment and must have a mask. My understanding is that the casinos in Illinois have the same rules and may even have stronger ones.

We know men like to gamble and some love love love to gamble, so I was not shocked to hear that a group of enterprising men, have set up shop outside Lake Geneva. It is a casino with just a few tables, and my understanding is that there is a craps table, a few Blackjack tables and a Poker room. They have typical bar food like pizza and snacks. This casino runs mostly at night after 10:00 PM to about dawn and is located on the Wisconsin side of the border in what was once a bar. It has now reopened but is designed that if you did not know it was open it would look like a dump.

Interesting that Lake Geneva once (and still) the playground of the rich of Chicago is only about 70-80 MI away a fast 90 min drive. Old memories die hard.

It makes a lot of sense that men who want to gamble do not want to be treated like kids, so I would be more shocked if this was the only one. Not only in Wisconsin but around Chicago, where do all the men go that would spend time/money in the casinos? Some will wear the masks however most will not. I will not.

Will I go? Maybe, if it exists, and I think it does. I do not have the contacts to get in so it is not on the top of the list of things to do.

I will say this, if you win, the casino operators will make damn sure you get home safe and if you need money they will lend it to you (you may not like the terms) .


Murder INK

Murder INK is to be held  on the 27th of June, 2020 at Parkview Playhouse featuring The Little Bakery Players.

The location for the event is 932 South 12th Street, Manitowoc, Wisconsin 54220. It is a day long series of workshops for True Crime Writers in the Southeast Wisconsin area. Both a short drive from Milwaukee and Green Bay, Wisconsin and a bit of a longer drive from Madison, Wisconsin.

The site opens at 8:30 am and the event ends at 6:00 pm.

Murder INK is designed to help both writers new to the field of true crime writing or those well established in the field gain or improve on skills from research.

These will include:

How to use the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Wisconsin Open Records

Contacting and working with jailed offenders, including serial killers (for mature audiences only, 18 and above)

Use of kindle direct print and Amazon marketing services for self-publishing

How to use social media to expand book sales, from Twitter to YouTube

Interesting true crime stories

Paranormal experiences of trained investigators and how true crime authors can help to tell those stories

Murder INK is working on confirming a few more speakers, and will update the topics as they come on board.

The event will have a very limited number of tables for authors to sell books.

Food will not be sold on site but carry-in food is allowed and all are encouraged to visit the local coffee shops and diners.

Tickets are $30 each. Only paid tickets are available and tables are $50 and include one ticket.

We have 4 (four Tables)  and 25 Open Seats left

The only Ticket is a paid Ticket, the only table is a paid table and all must be bought prior, NO TICKETS AT THE DOOR.

Tickets are bought via Pay Pal ( wclingman@wi.rr.com)   in the note please include Name and contact information)

Questions ? Email wclingman@wi.rr.com or call 262-632-5336

Frank to the rescue

There are many stray cats in this area, and when we first moved in the biggest issue was from dog fighting, from what I learned in working with the police and neighborhood watch. This horrific practice usually involves young drug dealers who force dogs (mostly pitbulls), to fight. In the park south of my home, with all the bullshit that goes with it, such as using puppies and cats for bait with no veterinary care for the dogs, killing them or leaving them to suffer. As you might guess, the scum doing the dog fighting treated their own families very poorly, abusing their children and domestic violence being typical behavior.

Since we first moved here and found out that this was happening, we made it a priority to do what we could to stop this and to see the assholes responsible for this animal cruelty go to jail.

The Racine Police Department was an integral part in this effort, especially when we discovered that our neighborhood police officer was a big dog lover and found out that the young man we hired to watch our home when we went camping was the son of a police officer and head of the SWAT team. That got our efforts moved from “when we have time” to “let’s kick some ass!”. Well let’s just say that the guys who were fighting dogs were re-educated to stop this behavior and why it was a very very bad idea. And also why it might be a good idea to move out of the neighborhood.

Judges and probation officers were helpful in making sure that there was jail time or revocation of a few years at least in this area for charges related to dog fighting, and it has since significantly decreased or gone away.

Even then we took care of as many of the stray cats and dogs as we could by reuniting them and using the local pet shelter to help as needed. Helping out pet owners with tips on training and basic health-care was also a step that we took to help the animals in our area. With both the Gun Moll and I working, the cost was really affordable and we were happy to do it.

Now it is more the stray cats we care for by feeding and creating shelters in the winter and working with the Gun Moll’s old employer we have been able to rescue litters of kittens, finding them foster homes and forever homes. I was happy to do so, with both of us “retired” it’s harder to pay for some of the expenses in caring for the strays and lo and behold we have found a vet who is willing to fix the older cats at cost, which is a wonderful thing. But, as you might have guessed, even at cost it isn’t cheap.

This is why the income from writing and promoting books helps us ensure that we can at least care for the strays a little bit.

So all of the funds from the profits of my book sales are being used to do this and even after I am gone, that income will continue to be used for that purpose.

I would very much like to thank everyone who has bought, or will buy, any of my books because you sure are helping us to help the weakest and most defenseless among us.

Mob Writer Turns To Erotica

Mob Writer Turns To Erotica

Co-writer of Frank Balistrieri: The Last Most Powerful Godfather of Milwaukee, Wayne “Mr. Big” Clingman, saw an opportunity to bring a bit of spicy naughtiness to the world of historical erotica.

Mr. Big, as Clingman liked to be called in the past, after reading so much silly fiction calling itself erotica, knew he could do a far better job, and with the ebook Alias Mr. Big, he has done so! In this short ebook, Clingman tells a story, set in the 1920’s, of Mr. Big who enters the world of rum-running, casinos and naughty fun in Belle City.

It was critical to me to have historical accuracy in this Mafia erotica where both the mob action terminology and my kink were talked about.

As one reviewer put it “If you can see beyond Mr. Big’s rough and tumble sexual energy, the set dressing and background research truly help sell the setting for the roaring 20s coming into their prime”.

If you want a work that is a bit more accurate and way more fun, Alias Mr. Big is for you!

This ebook is available on Kindle at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07XG5FTMG


A tale of Ted B !


The Lost Treasure of Ted Binion

You may not know who Ted Binion is off the get go. Ted was the son of gamed gambler/gangster, Benny Binion of Las Vegas fame and a prior mover and shaker in the Dallas, Texas underworld. Speculation is that Benny killed or had killed between five or seven men, mostly over unpaid gambling debts or attempts on Benny’s life. Let’s just say that Bemmy could be hard to get along with. In 1951, Benny would move to Vegas, start a casino and live a large life. This would include time in jail for tax issues.

Benny, to me, did a lot for Vegas in his lifetime.

After Benny’s death in 1989, Ted would play a role in casino operations after a few legal issues with his sister. His father’s death causes, as some would see, mental health issues as it would another member of that family.

Ted was (as his father was) a Silver Bug, owning a lot of it as did the casino. On or about the time the State of Nevada revoked his gaming licence, Ted owned a lot of silver, a bit of gold and, it is rumored, rare coins with other valuables taken to his ranch outside of Vegas and buried in an underground vault. I have read that this amount of treasure has been valued in the tens of millions (in 1990’s rates, $100+ million now).

Sadly, the loss of his father and his gaming license, along with issues with his girlfriend, led to a heroin and drug addiction, so few were shocked when he was found dead in his home next to empty pill bottles. The police knew that he had bought heroin the day before, so the first thought was OD or possibly suicide.

Kin of Ted’s did not accept the idea, they said that Ted was not as upset as others thought. The wanted his girlfriend looked into and found that he wasn’t the only guy hitting that well. After more investigation, Sandy Murphy (the girlfriend) and Rick Tabish (the other boyfriend) were arrested, tried, found guilty, tried again and found not guilty of murder but a range of other issues saw Sandy walked away with time serve and Rick spend a couple years in prision, though he is out now.

Sandy, I last read, was living with a much older, wealthy man.

My understanding is that the couple above did obtain some of the loot but that the vast majority of the loot has vanished. From time to time, others are caught on the old ranch trying to find it. To date, I think no one has. The county has some as well from the ranch that no one has yet claimed.

So where is it? Silver bars are not light. Nor are silver coins. So nobody just walked away with it. Nobody has come to Vegas and said, “Hey, look at what I found.” The vast amount is still out there, in the desert. I’m thinking that one day we should go looking for this.

Perhaps we will find Rick with a spade, still looking for silver.

Podcasts Shows!

Have restarted the Podcasts with a series of what I call Blasts, so far we have, Mr Curtis. of Billion Dollar Hollywood Heist fame, you can buy his book here https://www.amazon.com/dp/B085CN5HHX/ref=dp-kindle-redirect?_encoding=UTF8&btkr=1

The Podcast below



And Gavin Schmitt wild show on Crime in Wisconsin Below







Mr. Big Loves Slots

People sit at electronic slot machines at the Scientific Games booth during the Global Gaming Expo, Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2018, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/John Locher)


Mr. Big Loves Slot Machines!

Why, yes, yes I do love the slots. When my folks were still alive we would all go to Ho-Chunk Casino in Baraboo, WI, (https://ho-chunkgaming.com/wisconsindells/) and we would play the slots for a few hours at a time. It was fun spending maybe $20 each. We never really won anything doing so but the few times that I stopped in by myself I won about $50. Since I didn’t just feed the money back into the machine afterwards, I was able to spend it on toys. I remember my dad once won $300 or so and he turned around and invested it into a new lawn mower. It was always a fun way to spend time with the folks.

My step father would go meet up with his pals from the VFW, sit around and play a bit…BS. They’d play a lot. Ho-Chunk went out of their way to be kind to the older vets that came in. And why not? The money they fed into the machines was just as valuable as anyone else’s and it more than made up for some free coffees. It cost them almost nothing to make these vets feel at home and it was nice to see. Nice, too, was seeing the non-casino businesses that the tribe invested in with the earnings from their casinos such as the free clinic or the health club that was open to everyone.
Just like any other casino, they made a ton of money. After all, that’s exactly what a casino is designed to do: Make money. Casinos know that the longer you stay, the longer you play and the more money the house makes. More than once here in Milwaukee, at the Pottawnmi Casino (https://www.paysbig.com/), I was ahead a few $$ from playing slots but I ended up giving every penny (and more) back. My guess is that many do as well. (They should sell T-shirts).
Since they opened, this has expanded at least twice and it has done a lot for Milwaukee with little thanks back (I have stories).
Over the 100+ years of operating, casinos/gaming companies have spent God only knows how many millions of dollars on research on the psychology behind gambling. The gaming industry knows a lot about what rewards to offer compared to the time spent playing, how the lighting of the casino draws us in and how the machines themselves. There has been so much research pumped in this direction that we can only begin to imagine how much they know.
Of course, if they could get the player to put a few more coins into the machines (times the many, many players in the casino), then they have paid that investment back in full (and fast!).
 Nice thing, too, is that unlike craps, there are no rules to learn to play the slots. You just put your money in, pull the lever and watch the lights go crazy. How easy is that?
Turning our attention over to crime, let us not forget the early marriage of the mafia, slot machines and corrupt political leaders who protected them. The best example of early mob ties of this manner is Frank Costello (mafia) and Huey Long (the Governor of Louisiana). It was said that Long allowed slots in the city for a percentage. Another example is how the teamsters of the 60s-80s, the mafia and LDS banks then skimmed money from many of the casinos in Vegas. Slows have been seen as not only a fun way to pass a few hours but also as a way for forgotten tribes to make investments in their community and for shady crooks and shifty leaders to make a lot of money. A ton of money, in fact.
When the heat came down in New York and the slots of the mob had in the city came under attack, Costello knew he better move – to a far nicer place, a place where if you bribed someone they actually stayed bribed. It also helped to have a few ports under control (union control and hijacking) and many state contracts to give out. Louisiana had a governor with a bad reputation of taking bribes, major ports with little oversight and so much money being pumped into state contacts that the word oversight wasn’t even being used. BOOM, can you say slots? Suddenly there were slots everywhere and everyone wanted to have a few drinks and play for a bit. And look at that, suddenly you could have your booze and play your machines. How could you lose? Poor Mr. Jones who turned that nice guy offering the slots down… Why, just look at that, the state police just raided his joint? Oh no, then it caught fire? Gee, maybe he should’ve taken the slot machine after all.
More fun in Vegas was how coin scales got rigged so that the mob could get their fair share before the government got theirs. The take was in the millions in the ’60s, with only a few people having to be killed off to make it happen.
All that history and how gambling can be used to create jobs (and make a small fortune) is why I love it so much.
So very happy to have met Josua O’Connell of Know Your Slots Fame https://www.knowyourslots.com/  on  Twitter ( @knowyourslots  )   and been able to pitch the idea of a joint project on basic slot play in Mr. Big Talks: Slots. A great, great guy.
Reading this basic guide will help you enjoy the machines and, with Lady Lucky on your side, win more than you lose playing. Just don’t forget: The House always wins in the end.
Brought to you by :  Mr. Big Talks : Blakjack    Get your Copy Here https://www.amazon.com/dp/B086T2QJNX 
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