Let’s Run Cigarettes


Let’s Run Cigarettes

Sometimes crime comes calling, begging in fact, to be done. In this case, it’s running cigarettes from say Wisconsin into the tax hell called Chicago! Why? Easy! Here in Wisconsin, a pack of smokes runs about $7*. The same pack in the Windy City costs around $13. Wow! So you could fill a van with smokes and even if you sold them for say $10, you would end up doing well. You could bring them in from say Indiana and have more wiggle room. Not bad at all. Could rent a van, buy a few cartons, drive into Chicago to sell them in a day and after a long day of hustling have a few hundred in profit. No, not bad at all.
However, there are a few issues with this idea.
1) Getting caught is a hefty fine the first time and a good chance at jail the next time. Plus you might lose the van.
2) As I write this, in the city, others are indeed doing this sometimes even with cartons “found on the side of the road.” That they’re “found” means that needless to say these groups would not like to share space with others doing the same thing and it may not end well if they found out.
Thinking that running them into the city may not be a good idea so this is a nonstater. No, not at all. There is a fun way to do this and make damn good money risk free**.
So, how do we do this?
Easy, we do a casino tour!
Advertise in the Chicago area that say three days a week your shuttle bus will be picking up players to go on our mythical tour of Potawatomi (we would NEVER break the law) and after a five hour stay we then drive them back to the pick up point. We make damn sure that our guests know about and took advantage of the cheap cigarette prices. We even give our riders flyers to give to their pals so that they could come too.
There would be a small charge for the trip, say $10. Use a punch card system in which after ten trips a guest could get a free one.
Tips would be encouraged. T-shirts could be sold and tickets would be bought in advance and online to ensure as little cash as possible is handled by the driver.
We get a good number to go each time simply for the smokes. I go so far as to make it known that we would be happy to pick up a carton or two (paid in advance) for others who could not make it. Of course, we would charge a small handling fee for this and only make it known to riders after we have gotten to know them. However, I think it wouldn’t be hard to make a case for helping your long term riders out.
My belief is that we would get more than a few to use our tour simply to do a bit of small scale running on their own.
What is nice is our tour guide gets free month to gamble with for bringing in the crowd. Not a huge money maker but be a few hundred if we drove the van ourselves and did not have to hire a driver. There’s worse ways to make a few bucks.
* Estimated prices
** For entertainment only. Post no bills. Do no pass go.

Narco Saints The Audio Book is out !


Like a gritty Audio Book to hear in the car, working in the shop or even cleaning up the blood splatter ?

Then out this morning we have Narco Saints   https://www.audible.com/pd/Narco-Saints-Audiobook/B0812CQTCZ?source_code=AUDFPWS0223189MWT-BK-ACX0-170961&ref=acx_bty_BK_ACX0_170961_rh_us&fbclid=IwAR1YQPG4-FNebM6RHTkPoLHtqEFP47MwHl656qUsFvBjcWVq7Yo-nfW1QKw

This is lets say a bloody ride with a twist that you will not see coming.

Check it out, well worth your time and hard earned cash



Made Men Productions is happy to announce a new joint effort with Goodfella Productions on the machinima, Narcosantos (Narco Saints)

Wayne Clingman of WI based Made Men Production announced today that his company has launched a joint effort with Goodfella Productions, Glasgow Scotland, on a Machinima take on the world of the Cartels in Mexico and the U.S.A. Machinima being the art of filmmaking from inside a game system.

Wayne spoke out about how “far too little is told of how the world of the Cartels is having an influence on both sides of the border.” He believes that it’s “a story that must start being told.”

Mr. Richard Reid of Goodfella Productions included, “knowing that this story is a break out, I feel that a machinima based on the GTA game platform is the best way to engage both an English speaking and Hispanic world in a short form way that can be consumed on a mobile device. Few, damn few if any, are combining this technology to reach out to tell the stories we have in store.”

Mr. Clingman went on to say, “to see the work that Richard Reid has done with Goodfella Productions and machinima opened up my eyes to fantastic possibilities in creative story telling.”

The project, Narcosantos, tells of two hard men, both of them killers, trying to find redemption in whatever form it takes in a world gone mad. Does good still exist or is just all different shades of evil?

For More Information contact:

Wayne Clingman
Made Men Production


Mr. Richard Reed of Goodfella Productions

Wayne Clingman