Advertising/Sponsorships You Tube, Podcast


Chicago Outfit Blood in the Streets, as you know is working on a You Tube Channel where we will be creating video content telling some of the more interesting stories of the Chicago Outfit in the greater Chicago area such as a video tour of homes owned at one time by Outfit members, another is covering the story of the Lake Geneva Greyhound track and the Outfit, maybe even looking at former mob hangouts in Milwaukee.

To pay for this effort we will be offering advertising/sponsorships with in the shows themselves in the form of lower thirds thank you and 30 Sec preroll thank you with your information (Company location and web page)

Cost is $100 per Month Per Video   Min 6 moth run paid in advance.

Please Contact for more information


The Podcast

There are many stories that make up the history of the Outfit that cant be done well in a short form You Tube show such as the story of the Chop Shop Wars, How the Outfit financed Vegas or just a book about the times and believe a Podcast interview would work well.

To this we will do a Podcast on Blog Talk Radio, this way we can talk to a range of experts from authors to retired law enforcement.

The plan is to cover any costs by the sale of the T shirts and Stickers, one will be able to inexpensive ads on this page, should BTR allow us to do ads that will be something we will look into.

Please contact for more information